Come Dance with Us

Location: 2305 120th Street

Watch for these signs on the corner of 120th Street and University Ave.


This is our sign.


You have arrived at our building.


Our dance floor. Welcome!


How to Contact Us

Telephone: (806) 745-8290

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6053
Lubbock TX 79493-6053

How to Find Us

There are no street signs for 120th Street (also known as Private Road 2330). Watch for our sign, pictured to the left.

Special Notices:

(See the Calendar or Bulletin Board page for more details.)

Country Western Dances for 2014:
October 25,
November 29,
December 20.

The Basics of Square Dance.
Lessons start Monday September 29, 2014.
See our Bulletin Board page for more details.

Federation Dance November 1st
Caller: Bob Baier
Cuer: Renee Horton

Sunday Fun Bunch:
Workshops designed for dancers who have completed lessons and wish to improve their square and/or round dance.
Held 2nd and 4th Sundays.